LauraJeanJacketSmall 002Do you want to live your dreams with confidence and courage? Many have this dream, but few manage to realize it because they get stuck in fear and uncertainty, or plow ahead without really understanding what they’re getting themselves into.

Life coaching is for you if you are ready to commit to making positive changes in your life!

As you face this important step in your life, you may be feeling some or all of the following:

  •  Afraid of the uncertainties that come with making changes in your life
  • Concerned about what’s going on and how things will turn out

  • Feeling like you want “more” but don’t know what that means

These are natural fears, but you don’t have to let them paralyze you. Although there’s always risk in making changes in your lifestyle, risk can be reduced when you combine courage with preparation.

If you’re ready to bring the courage to play a bigger game in your life, I can show you how to prepare for the road that lies ahead. When you choose to work with me as your coach, I’ll help you:

  • Clarify your goals and priorities so you have a solid business plan in place
  • Feel confident in your abilities after we identify your strengths and replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs
  • Identify your unique talents, skills, and resources that can help you succeed in business
  • Create a plan to increase your business income so you can transition away from corporate work when the time is right

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Accelerate Your Progress as a Professional and as an Individual

One of the common misconceptions people have about coaching is thinking that it’s like therapy or counseling. To be clear: Coaching is not about fixing you, because there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s just the next level of your evolution.

I work with women who experience personal and professional challenges, and want some professional support through their transition. I’ll help you cultivate the mindset and skills you need to succeed in your transition and help you create a plan to smoothly activate your goals. 

How Coaching Support Works

I offer three types of coaching experiences, and can customize packages for you based on your situation and goals.

  • Workshops – Every so often, I offer online workshops to help professional women focus on a specific area, such as moving from uncertainty to confidence, or upgrading their money mindset. Subscribe to my email list to be notified when workshops are announced.
  • Group coaching – This small group experience combines the teaching aspect of a workshop format with the opportunity for participants to receive coaching from me and suggestions from one another. Subscribe to my email list to receive group coaching announcements.
  • One-on-one coaching – This is the most personalized level of service, where you and I work together privately to address your individual needs and goals. When you have your free strategy session with me, I’ll learn about your situation and customize a package to fit your needs.

Let’s bring out the best in you… together!

If you’re ready to feel a sense of confidence, certainty, and ease about your life or career transition and make real progress towards living the life you love, let’s talk.

You can book a free strategy session with me to get your initial questions answered, or begin with my free guide, Goal-Setting: Creating a Roadmap for Your Success, to get a sense of what you need to move forward.

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Whenever and however you choose to move forward, remember this: You don’t need to do this alone! When the time is right, get the help you need to feel—and be! —confident and successful. With the right support in your corner, there’s no stopping you!

Laura challenges me to “think outside the box” by asking provocative questions that move me out of my comfort zone and guide me in accomplishing my goals. Laura’s guidance and support gave me the self-confidence to overcome obstacles and focus on the outcome. - Bella G.

Laura inspired me to set goals for my future and create a plan of action. She taught me how to positively direct my energy and focus on what’s really important in my life. - Terry V.

Working with Laura as a Life Coach reminds me of where I want to go with my life and supports and encourages me in reaching my goals. It is a gradual process, but I am attending to defining my dream for my life. - Marilyn A

If you have the chance to take Laura Diaz’s30-Day Challenge, JUST GO FOR IT! You will really surprise yourself and the other sweet, generous people who are also there to accomplish goals & provide encouragement for one another. And thank you so much, Laura for your wise leadership! You are such a blessing. - Lynn M.