Life Coaching Services

We coach through a series of individual or group coaching sessions. We have a series of conversations in person or on the phone. The focus is on supporting the client reaching a place of confidence where they can access their wisdom in creating a decision, goal and overall harmony in his/her life. Individuals request life coaching when they have tried to manage life and it is not working. They find themselves stuck in a routine that is not working and they want to take their life to the next level.

Individual Coaching

During individual coaching we go through a series of one-on-one conversations in person or on the phone. We have an agreed upon time line, which could be several weeks or several months. 

Life coaching is for you if you are ready to commit to making positive changes in your life. During coaching, you will be asked to commit to a time period, which is 4-6 months to accelerate your learning, transition and transformation. We may agree to meet 2-4 times a month, depending on your coaching program.

Our coaching will start with a discovery journey of identifying what you want, where you are now, what your challenges are and what you want to accomplish. We review your resources and where you can get started on your journey for success.

During our coaching, you will identify the paradigms that are holding you back and create new habits that will increase positive strategies for success. Successful clients have created new daily activities and practices that have accelerated their success! All it took was an increased awareness of how much power we have to discover and discover it with intention!

This journey will increase your self-confidence as we move from one small win to a larger win! You will become your own best leader during this process. Accountability is part of the coaching process and I as your coach will stand for what you want and hold you accountable to our agreed upon plan. Our focus is to increase the belief in you, your self-confidence and ongoing success!

The investment for the one-on-one coaching program is individually customized to your needs. I offer a complimentary strategy session for 30 minutes to find out what you want and then I recommend a program that will accelerate your success.

The focus of your one-on-one coaching will be to:

  • Identify your unique talents, skills and resources
  • Increase your confidence
  • Navigate the obstacles
  • Identify paradigms and create a shift
  • Develop new habits that increase wellness

Group Coaching

The group dynamics provide a safe group environment in which the participants are well supported with learning, creating, communicating, awakening their consciousness and producing amazing results!

The focus with group coaching is to increase personal leadership and confidence in taking strategic steps. The group creates a community which is important in building confidence and trust. The group’s members hold each other accountable as well as being each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Groups are generally composed of 6 to 10 people. The groups go for 5 weeks to 3 months depending on the main topic of the group. The sessions usually run for 90 minutes, which provides time for masterminding and supporting all members. Most of the groups are virtual and the calls are recorded. There are live group programs in the San Diego area. The investment for each group varies and is dependent on several factors. 

If you are interested in being part of a group, I would suggest you contact me for a 30 minute complimentary strategy session. At that time, I will inform you of upcoming group programs.

Areas of Group Coaching

  • DreamBuilder group coaching program
  • Goal-Setting Sparks Confidence
  • Life Plan for Abundance
  • Personal Leadership
  • Career Change/Transition
  • Mastermind