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CCE Credential BCC

Hello! My name is Laura Diaz and I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe that as women, we are more powerful than what we have grown to know! I am passionate about supporting women who are leaders or aspiring leaders in discovering their gifts and talents. 

Photo J Potrait 300x436One of my beliefs is that we are more powerful than our external circumstances. I believe that we have untapped potential to be and do greater things than what we can imagine.

As a personal life coach through In Harmony Coaching, I provide life coach services to individuals and small groups. My specialty is women leaders who are struggling with their self-confidence and want direction and guidance on moving forward.

I am so grateful for all the mentors that helped me during my personal development. This support increased my self-esteem, personal leadership qualities and my self-confidence. I, too, had low self-esteem and lack of confidence at one time and I knew I wanted to change this, and I did. So, no matter how you feel about your self-confidence right now, there is a path for you to learn to be highly confident and successful.

I am constantly learning new things and increasing my own personal development. Life coaching is my calling and I love inspiring new leaders with an experience of what is possible in their lives. I love serving women by contributing to their discovery of the wonders of their mind, soul and body!

When I am not helping women become better leaders, you can find me:

  • enjoying a morning meditation
  • taking a tap dance class
  •  journaling about my future vision and ideas,
  • engaged in a book club
  • taking a walk at Morley field in San Diego

Laura inspired me to set goals for my future and create a plan of action. She taught me how to positively direct my energy and focus on what’s really important in my life. - Terry V.

Education and Training 

  • Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor from San Diego State University
  •  Life Coaching Training certificate, Accomplishment Coach Training Programs
  • Life Mastery Institute, certified DreamBuilder coach
  • Board-Certified Life Coach (BCC)

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To your success,
Laura Diaz
Personal Life Coach
In Harmony Coaching

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