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  • Group Coaching - From Uncertainty to Confidence

    Group Coaching Laura D

    What if confidence meant you became more of who you want to be?

    Have you been thinking about your life and what may be missing? Perhaps, you want a better job, more opportunities for promotion and growth, a relationship that is intimate, close friends, better health or peace of mind or deciding what you are going to do with the rest of your life.

    I am happy to announce a 6-week online women’s group that will be starting September 16, 2022 in which we will create a safe space that will support you in meeting some challenges in having the life you want.  My experience has been that creating a life you love and achieving the results you want start with you having a deeper understanding of yourself.

    How Do You Feel About Your Life?

    What is it costing you now if your life is not where you want it to be?  Where would you be if you were feeling good and confident about yourself and had a clear plan of where you were going?  In this group, you will find support and tools to start feeling more confident and assert your goodness and courage through new thinking that will accelerate your positive results!

    Our Beliefs Make a Difference

    Research studies have shown that the more you believe in your own ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will succeed!  Also, several studies have shown that when we are happy and feel fulfilled, we are smarter, more motivated and more successful.  Happiness is the center from which success revolves around.  Confidence is a new belief in yourself!

    FROM UNCERTAINTY TO Confidence Group

    This group, “From Uncertainty to Confidence,” is a 6-week intensive virtual group coaCHing program where we will look at how we view confidence in us, in our life and what changes we can make to increase our confidence and live from a happier place.

    This group will be conducted on zoom video conference.  You will have the support of a life coach and the other women in the group.  This support will increase your motivation to take yourself to the next level.  You will receive inspiring material in each group session, tools that will inspire your thinking and get you started on taking some positive actions.  The group will function as a support and mastermind that will help you be accountable.  You will learn how to manage your limiting beliefs, fears, and obstacles and go beyond these circumstances to achieve more.

    What You Will Receive

    In this 6-week coaching group, you will learn to:

      • Identify your winning mindset
      • Explore your gifts and talents
      • Boost your credibility and confidence
      • Re-pattern paradigms
      • Design a blueprint for your future

    Details on This Women’s Group

    We have space for 8 women in this group program.  Everyone obtains the benefit of each other and the synergy that is created is amazing!  Space is limited, so I urge you to consider this program if it resonates with you. 

    Dates:  September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21

    Time:   4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Pacific Time

    Place:   Online Zoom video conference, link to be provided

    Investment:  $167    

    Early Bird Sale - $147 if purchased by September 14, 2022


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  • Life Plan

    Life Plan

    Life Plan for the Best Year of YOUR Life

    Early bird $157

    Would You Love Some Structure and Life Direction in Your Life?

    Are you feeling uneasy that 2024 is coming soon and you do not have a clue of what you really want to accomplish next year?

    During December, many people start experiencing self-judgment of what they DID NOT intentionally completed this year.   Are you questioning how you can increase the likelihood that the new decade is one where you feel filled with hope, optimism, and confidence with having a clear, simple and actionable LIFE PLAN?

    I am happy to announce an online 4-week training course called Life Plan for the Best Year of My Life.  This class is simple, easy, flexible, fun and inspiring.  Since, it is created with a small group, the participants and a Life Coach provide a supportive community with feedback, ideas and help you mastermind challenges.  It is about getting started now with training, tools, and inspiration towards developing a simple plan to start the journey in living the life you love!

    How Do You Feel About Your Life?

    What would be the difference if you made some positive changes in your life?  What is the cost of staying where you are now?  What if you learned that planning your life, creating goals is no BIG DEAL?  Many of my students have surprised themselves in creating a fun, simple, inspiring and unique life plan which has helped them become more hopeful for the life they love.

    The Life Plan for the Best Year of My Life

    This training program is designed to identify your purpose, your vision, your values.  The weekly lessons will provide guidance and inspiration for your actions in the new year, 2024!

    During the time we spend together, you will have time to ask questions and receive answers to clarify any confusions.   The small group provides an amazing supportive community!

    This is a short four-week online class that will be conducted on Zoom video conferencing.  In addition, you will receive a private one-to-one coaching session to go over your personal life plan with a trained Life Coach.

    You will enjoy the flexibility of taking this online class in your home.  This four-week class is designed to transform your life towards taking a bigger step in your life and moving closer to what you want and have been dreaming of!

    What You Will Receive

    In this 4-week training and coaching program, you will:

    • Be trained in a step-by-step method to create your life plan for one year.
    • You will get clear and specific of what goals you want to create.
    • Get support, tools, outlines and coaching support to complete your written plan.
    • Complete the training with a renewed, inspired outlook and with a written plan to achieve the positive change you are seeking!

    Detail on This Class

    Dates:  Friday - 1/12, 1/19, 1/26 and 2/2/24

    Time: 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm

    Place: Zoom online video conferencing, TBA.

    Investment:$197    Early Bird investment until December 30, 2023 for $157.

    What You Need to Know About Your Coach

    Hi, I am Laura Diaz, Board Certified Life Coach and I will be facilitating your journey on this training coaching program.

    I started In Harmony Coaching in 2011, one year prior to retiring from my work as a Team Manager.   I am a trained life coach, speaker, trainer and published best seller author.

    Life Coaching has been a natural transition on my personal journey. I experience much joy in being of service to you with my life coaching programs!


    If you have any questions, please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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